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We are Maxauer Papierfabrik, a part of Schwarz Produktion. We produce recyclable, renewable and biodegradable printing paper – both for the retail divisions of Schwarz Group and our own customers.

Maxauer Papierfabrik has been part of Schwarz Produktion since March 2023. We are committed to modern, environmentally compatible paper production. We use recycled paper in a large portion of our production process to create sustainable paper products of the highest quality. A mix of fresh wood fibres allows us to produce a wide range of SC paper, which can be used for many applications.

Besides the fact that the mill processes large quantities of recycled paper, other decisive factors for the investment in Maxau include the excellent logistical connections of the site and its largely self-sufficient energy supply. As Maxau has its own on-site power station, a large portion of the required electricity and 100% of the process heat is self-generated.
Another factor is the high degree of technical expertise of the employees. Around 460 highly qualified staff members have many years of experience in paper production. Thanks to them, we can guarantee top quality standards for our customers. We use two paper machines to produce different types of paper, which are processed further to create magazines, newspaper inserts, catalogues and more.

Our site in Maxau is an impressive 140 years old. In the early days, pulp for the paper industry, among others, was produced here. Paper production in Maxau began in 1969. In integrating the former family business into Schwarz Produktion, we guaranteed paper production for the future. At the Maxau mill, we are pursuing a long-term strategy: we build on existing expertise and develop production further, so that we can continue to deliver consistently and reliably in the future.


We stand out from the crowd with a wide range of supercalendered printing paper (SC paper) manufactured according to the highest quality and environmental standards. Our production ensures the reliable supply for the retail divisions of Schwarz Group. For example, we supply the paper for 4 billion leaflets annually, which are distributed throughout Europe by Lidl and Kaufland every week. In addition to Lidl and Kaufland, we also supply other customers such as publishers, retailers and printing companies with high-quality paper. We deliver reliably – and thanks to our geographical location, delivering to neighbouring European countries is quick and easy.

We run our own in-house laboratory, where we focus on product development, process management and optimisation. Here, the main objectives are to increase efficiency, lower costs and research future-oriented solutions. In this way, we can guarantee our partners outstanding quality, delivery reliability and long-term security of supply.

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We produce large quantities of high-quality, environmentally friendly graphic paper.

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Around 1,000 tonnes of recycled paper arrive in Maxau every day. This paper is shredded, placed in water and cleaned, resulting in a mixture of recycled paper. In other areas of the plant, fresh wood is processed: tree trunks delivered to the mill are debarked and shredded, before being ground and boiled. The next step involves mixing the recycled paper and fresh wood pulp and diluting the mix with water – the specific ratio depends on the type of paper required. Pulp and auxiliary materials are also added for additional smoothness, gloss and/or strength, depending on the requirements.

The mixture is then drained through a sieve and leftover water vaporises. The next step involves sending the paper to the calender. In the calendering process, the paper passes through a system of multiple rollers. This makes the paper glossy and smooth, while simultaneously reducing the paper thickness. The result is the finished paper web.

This is wound onto a steel core called the reel. The reel is then cut to the desired roll widths, and the rolls are finally packed and stored. From our warehouse, the paper is sent directly to a print shop for further processing, e.g., to create brochures for our retail partners or high-quality magazines.

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We are one of Europe’s largest paper manufacturers and have been part of Schwarz Produktion since 2023. At the mill, we use two paper machines of approx. 120 metres in length and 30 metres in height to produce high-quality printing paper. This paper is then processed further to create magazines, newspaper inserts, catalogues and more.